Why Choose US?

Working one-on-one in a personal setting on your time will allow us to provide the highest level of patient care, compassion and professionalism to all of our patients. 

We believe the health of your body is the highest priority, and our passion for your well-being will always be shown in the care you receive. 

We Come To You

The ability to come to you means we can evaluate and treat you within the elements that may be causing you difficulty whether it is in your home, the office, or the field, thus helping aid your recovery even faster.

Fits Your Schedule

All too often the demands of everyday life, our jobs, our children, and our families can take priority over personal needs. By choosing us, we make it easier for you to take care of yourself.


Receiving personalized care in the privacy of your own home makes treatment more comfortable for you and your information isn’t overheard by others in a loud treatment area.

We Accept Insurance

Most mobile PT clinics are cash based, but we want to limit your out of pocket expenses. We’re contracted with most major insurance companies so you’ll pay the same price as going to a clinic. 

No Referral Needed

Massachusetts is a direct-access state for physical therapy, which means you do not need to see your doctor first before coming to see us. Call us and we will see you immediately! 

Undivided Attention

Because we come to you, you don’t need to share your treatment time with another patient. You will get the full 60 minute personalized care that is specifically tailored to you to get you back on track.