Orthopedic PT


We use a research and evidence-based approach to not just treat your injury but teach you to prevent it from reoccurring. For a list of conditions we treat, click HERE.

Balance Assessment


Balance deficits have many factors contributing to the impairment. We will take a wholistic approach in examining each factor to help you regain the stability and confidence you need to get you back on your feet safely.

Spine Rehab


Utilizing physical therapy as a first line defense in low back pain can result in more effective treatment. No two back patients are alike, and we’ll work closely with you to create an individualized and safe program and put an end to recurring pain.

Sports Rehab


We will work closely with your coach and athletic trainer to help you return to sport as safely and quickly as possible. We specialize in soccer, basketball, football, baseball, mixed martial arts and running athletes of all levels.

Pre/Postnatal Care


We will work closely with your OB-GYN to ensure a safe program for you and your baby. Services include prenatal massage, pre-partum treatment of low back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, carpal tunnel and postpartum strengthening and conditioning as well as diastesis recti treatment.

Pre/Post Surgical Rehab


Having surgery is scary and managing expectations beforehand can help calm your worries. Hire us beforehand to help you achieve the strength and mobility you need so that post-op, we can make your recovery a smoother and less painful process. 

Dance Medicine Rehab


Our experience in ballet and dance enables us to understand the demands you place on your body on a regular basis. Using pilates and neuromuscular techniques will allow us to give your body the stability and flexibility it needs to help you perform.



Sometimes when our feet hit the ground, they don’t land properly due to poor biomechanics. An orthotic is a supportive device placed in a shoe to help address those deficits. We design a custom mold of your foot that is specific for your foot, correcting the arch and allowing proper function of the foot. We will then ship it to a lab to have it made for you. For 6 months after receiving your orthotic, we will make any adjustments for free, and you will also receive a discounted rate on a second pair if necessary in the future. 



Taping is used as an adjunct to manual therapy and exercise techniques to help you move better, decrease pain and improve stability  btw sessions.  




We offer massage services either as a stand-alone treatment or incorporated into your PT program. These include prenatal, sports, relaxation and therapeutic massages. We believe pliabilty and flexibility of your muscles is important to help you move better and with less pain. This can be achieved either with a massage or stretch or a combination of the two using any of the following techniques depending on how you present that day. Techniques include Graston Technique (instrument-assisted soft tissue massage), soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, and cupping. 

Running Analysis


When and how your feet hit the ground with each running step is determined by many factors, such as mobility, strength and coordination. Analyzing your runs will determine where the impairments lie and will make recommendations on appropriate shoewear and corrective exercises to improve your form, speed and biomechanics. 

FMS Screens


If you’re an athlete looking to perform better, faster and move more efficiently, we will perform a 7 point Functional Movement Screen to determine how your body moves with 7 basic functions, determine where the imbalances are and provide corrective exercises to help you achieve your training goals. 

Stretching Sessions


Sometimes all you need is a good full body stretch to help you recover from a competition, game or race. We will help your aching and sore muscles become rejuvenated back to their natural state by providing stretching sessions after a sporting event. Afterwards, will demonstrate how to use myofascial release tools to teach you how to stretch on your own in a safe and effective manner.



Combining our experience as both a doctor of physical therapy and yoga teacher will help you not only to deepen your practice, but teach you the necessary skills to achieve both physical and mental relaxation. Yoga is offered both thru private 60 minute sessions or group classes at a discounted rate. 

Corporate Wellness


If your company is willing to hire us, we will come to you during your lunchbreak or after hours to provide any of the following services:

  • Ergonomic evaluation of your deskspace
  • Posture assessment in sitting along with corrective exercsies
  • Educational  workshops
  • Group yoga sessions

Post - PT Wellness Program


Regardless of whether you completed your physical therapy rehab with us or not, we offer post-PT wellness programs to ensure maintaining the gains you made during your recovery and offering guidance on progressing your exercise program. 

Annual PT Physicals


You go to your PCP for an annual, so why not your physical therapist? Whether you had PT with us in the past or not, an annual review of your musculoskeletal system will help you recognize if there are any shortcomings that need to be addressed and the approproiate guidance will be provided. 

Patient Education


Nothing is more important than you understanding how your body works and why you are experiencing the pain or tightness you have. Education is the first step in understanding why the things you do on a daily or momentary basis are causing your symptoms, and we will teach you not only to feel better, but prevent the pain from recurring.