Hello Friends! Welcome to the March 2020 Newsletter

This month we look forward to the start of Spring, warmer weather and a move to more outdoor activities. Any lifestyle transitions can bring about changes to your body, and because the color green signifies new beginnings and growth, as well as heart health, we will cover health, wellness and nutrition tips focusing on just that.


Green: Your Heart Chakra

The color green is associated with your heart, circulatory system, your lungs, and your immune system. The green foods listed below will provide healing of your cardiovascular system, providing proper nourishment to minimize risk of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, heart and lung issues and pneumonia.

Fun Facts About Your Favorite Green Fruits & Veggies

1.Broccoli: Has amounts of just about every vitamin and mineral

2.Spinach: Gives you stronger bones

3.Cabbage: Helps build muscles

4.Peppermint: Prevents bloating

5.Avocados: Treat dry skin and wrinkles

6.Bell Peppers: have more vitamin C than oranges

7.Basil: Natural antibiotic

8.Cucumber: Helps reduce inflammation and puffiness

9.Pear: Has 24% of your daily dietary fiber

10.Kiwi: Helps improve immunity & sleep quality

11.Romaine Lettuce: reduces high blood pressure

12.Kale: reduces undereye circles


Yoga Pose Of the Month: Cobra

The cobra is one of the best exercises for opening up your chest, expanding your heart, allowing you to maximize your lung capacity. Here are some tips on making the most out of this pose without injuring your low back:

1.Lie on the floor on your belly and bring your hands underneath your shoulders.

2.Allow the top of your feet to rest on your mat, keeping the legs a few inches apart from one another

3.Keeping the elbows hugged into your body, begin to slowly lift the chest up.

4.Roll the shoulder blades down and and lengthen up through the crown of your head.

5.For an easier modification of this pose, keep your forearms on the ground. To make the pose more challenging, straighten the elbows all the way and gaze up above as you keep your shoulders down.

Spring Forward: How To Maximize Your Sleep With Daylight Savings

We all lose an hour of sleep when daylight savings happens in March, so how can you maximize your beauty sleep? Your natural circadian rhythm is a creature of habit, just like all other habits you create.

1.Change your surroundings to reflect whether you’re an early bird or late owl.

2.Be sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep to minimize fatigue throughout the day, allow your body to reset from everything you put it through that day and let it return to a state of balance.

3.Make sure you’re sleeping on a firm mattress and supporting your neck with a high quality pillow.

4.Avoid bright light from your cell phone or TV to allow melatonin to flow naturally thru your body and allow your eyes to shut.


Quote Of The Month

When our heart chakra is balanced, several things happen:

1.We give and receive love easily

2.We are generous and all of our relationships are thriving and positive

3.We feel love and compassion for ourselves and those around us.

4.We don’t take things personally or hold grudges5.We forgive ourselves and others easily.


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