Happy new year and welcome to the Jan 2020 Newsletter!



Happy new year everyone! Can you believe how fast the last decade flew by? This month’s newsletter will focus on setting a healthy physical, mental and nutritional habit that can help you last all year round. Most important takeaway is this:



How to Make Your New Year's Resolution Last

You don't need a new year to decide to make a change in your life, it can happen any day of the year. One of those reasons why it's hard for our resolutions to stick is because of the 21/90 rule. As the picture states, it takes 21 days to make a habit, but 90 days for it to become a lifestyle! Which is why new year's resolutions don't last as long as we want them to because most of us have a hard time committing to a habit for 21 days in a row, let alone 90! But if we truly want to make a change, we need consistency. It helps to have someone else do it with you to keep you going on the days it's hard. Motivation is key!


Mindful Eating - What Does That Even Mean?

Mindful eating is a technique that helps you gain control over your eating habits that’s been shown to promote healthy weight, reduce binge eating, and just help you feel better after a meal. Here are some ways to practice it with each meal:

1 ⁃ Eat slowly without distraction⠀
2 - Listen to your body (Ask yourself before eating: are you hungry? Ask yourself while you’re eating: am I satisfied? Am I full)?
3 - Take smaller bites
4 - Start with a smaller portion if you can’t tell how hungry you are⠀
5 - Put your phone down! Turn the TV off! Limit these kind of distractions as much as possible even though it’s tempting :)
6 - Breathe! Being mindful, in general, begins with your breath and when we eat, we can either forget to notice our breath or just rush through a meal and hold on to our breath.


Make A Fitness Comeback

One of the things the new year does is force us to examine our current fitness situation, or lack thereof. Accepting your current status and what your goals are for the year are the most important things to accomplish, whether you’re a bonafide couch potato or you run multiple marathons a year. So here are some tips for you to make a strong comeback:

1.Set a new goal for the year - without a structured plan, it’s easy to lose motivation

2.Do something new - the same exercise routines each session can become really boring and cause you to lose motivation, so do something different each week - the more you switch up your exercise routine, the less your body gets burned out and you keep your body feeling physically “fresh”!

3. Check your breath - whether you’re lifting or running, holding your breath will cause your body to tense up and lower your performance. Breathing regularly allows your muscles to move with bigger motions.

4.Prioritize your core - Your powerhouse is the foundation that gives stability for everything above and below, so it makes sense to emphasize this region. The biggest misconception is that the only way to a strong core is planks or situps. Those are great exercises, but not the end all, be all. Our exercise of the month below is our favorite core strengthening exercise.

5.Do moves that counteract your work duties - strengthen your upper body with postural and stability exercises, and open up the hips with stretches that give them the mobility and flexibility they lose with sitting.


Keep Your Mindset Strong, All Year Long


Exercise Of The Month: Deadbug

Imagine a bug when it’s dying, its arms and legs are flailing up and down but it’s back is pressed firmly to the ground. No joke, that’s how this exercise gets its name. It’s the best core stabilizing exercise because you’re moving your arms and legs away from the body without arching your lower back. Hard to do!

1.Lie on our back with feet up and knees bent, arms straight at shoulder level.

2.Keeping your belly button tucked in, straighten the opposite hand and leg. MAKE SURE YOUR BACK DOESN’T ARCH! If it does, roll a small towel underneath your low back to keep it pressed down firmly.

3.Bring the arms and legs back to starting position, then repeat on the other side.

4.Side to side is ONE SET. Do 3 sets of 10, and you’ll notice your body fatiguing on the 3rd set. That’s your core’s way of telling you it’s weak!

5.Once this exercise gets easier, you can do it with dumbbells or resistance bands.



HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! May 2020 bring you 20/20 vision and clarity on life, yourself and your dreams. Wishing you a wonderful start to a great decade ahead :)

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