Do you accept my insurance?

We are contracted with and accept Medicare, BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, Allways Healthcare, United Healthcare, and Aetna.  We are out of network with all other plans and do not accept motor vehicle or worker’s compensation. Please see our insurance page or contact us for more info. 

Do I need a prescription?

NO! In Massachusetts you can see a physical therapist without a prescription. Physical therapists are direct access, which puts us at the forefront of your healthcare. Seeing a doctor first may delay when you are seen, prolonging your pain more than necessary. You no longer need to wait to be seen. Give us a call to discuss coming to see you at your earliest convenience and provide appropriate care in a timely manner.

Do I need exercise equipment?

Most treatment will take place in your home or gym (if permissible). Oftentimes, minimal additional equipment is needed to achieve your goals. If you have access to a gym, we will perform exercises there to strengthen and condition. If you do not have access to one, or don’t have the necessary equipment at your home, we will provide the equipment for you based on the body part for which you are seeking treatment. 

We have a full line of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, physioballs, resistance bands amongst others to cater to your specific neuromuscular needs. 

What happens after I contact you to set up an appointment?

We will give you a call to discuss insurance and payment options, verify your benefits and obtain some background information on what services you are looking for. Once everything is established, we will discuss a time and place to meet in order for you to receive treatment.

What happens during the first session?

Your first session is an initial evaluation, a chance for you to discuss what your concerns are and how we can get you back to functioning normally again without any pain. The examination part will consist of the Doctor of Physical Therapy looking at your mobility, strength, stability, balance and functional movement to determine where the imbalances are. Afterwards, we will begin manual treatment to correct the mobility and flexilibity limitations, then show you a series of corrective exercises to get you going until your full treatment session. Most importantly, we will educate you on what to do/what not to do to minimize your pain. 

How long is each session?

60 minutes. 

You deserve a full hour of undivided care because it takes that long to teach and train properly.

Who will see me?

You will be treated everytime by our licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. Unlike other clinics where you may be seen by different therapists or therapy assistants each time, we want to make sure your treatment stays consistent in order to build the healthcare relationship you need. 

What should I wear?

Wear loose, comfortable exercise clothing that will expose the body part for which you are seeking treatment. For example, if you are seeking treatment for the hips, knees or ankle, do not wear jeans that limit access and mobility. For women seeking treatment of the neck, shoulders and upper back, a tank top or loose t-shirt is preferred. 

How many visits do I need?

This depends on a lot of factors and varies from person to person. No two diagnoses are alike, since your age, lifestyle, diagnosis, nutrition and other comorbidities all play a role in your health. Our goal is to treat you wholistically putting all these factors into consideration to optimize your treatment in an effective and timely manner. 

Are you the same thing as home health?

NO! Home health physical therapy are for those who are bedridden or homebound and are unable to get out of their house to seek treatment. We provide outpatient physical therapy to all ages as if you were going to a clinic, but will be provided in the comfort of your home, work or gym. 

Do I need to have an injury to be seen by you?

Not at all! We provide a variety of concierge wellness services you can choose from, such as massaging, stretching and yoga sessions. These are not covered by insurance and are strictly out of pocket. Click HERE to see our rates for the services you would like.